Tie Him to the Bowsprit!

Emma Rose Millar

charles vane

“Tie him hand and foot to the top of the bowsprit!” ordered Vane. “Shoot him dead if he will not tell you the whereabouts of his treasure.” It was a reign of terror that was to last for five long years.

Charles Vane was one of the most prolific pirates of the Caribbean, known as much for his vicious temper and treachery as his financial success. It was from Vane that my leading gentleman, John Rackham learnt the tricks of his trade.

Little is known about Vane’s early life, but he arrived in Jamaica some time during the War of Spanish Succession. His piratical exploits began under the leadership of Henry Jennings in 1715. In July of that year, a Spanish treasure fleet was hit by a hurricane off the coast of Florida, spilling tonnes of gold and silver out into the sea. The surviving Spanish sailors brought ashore what…

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