Want a Dash of Passion – Or The Quiet Life?

Jane Bwye

I’m over at Cathie Dunn’s place, revealing why I wrote my second book. You can check out her website by clicking HERE.

iLUME crop (1024x546)

And here’s a taster for you:

The quiet life….

His cottage nestled among a profusion of flowerbeds beside a sleepy stream in the countryside, where he would fish for hours on a weekend; no matter that he seldom caught anything worth keeping. She would linger after delivering a mid-morning thermos of tea, and listen to the soft lapping of the waters beneath the overhanging willow. The peaceful plop of a fish coming up for air, or a gentle tug on his line occasionally disturbed the nod of his sleep.

Ann would potter in the kitchen, preparing the roast while the children played in the garden. She had to keep them away from Robert, who fiercely protected his privacy if anybody came within twenty yards of the stream.

“You’ll disturb…

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