Special Day, Special Price

The Bingergread Cottage

Saturday is a special date – the last day of Crooked Cats’ reduction to 99p or $1.08 on Amazon Kindle on selected books, including mine.2 coffees or

If you don’t know anything about my series, take a look at the following pages on this website :


Shaman’s Drum

You will find more extensive descriptions and links back to wonderful reviews which my kind readers have left on Amazon. Given that the prices are reduced to the wonderfully-named British (less than half the usual price)


Buy One, Get One Free

BOGOF (always makes me chortle) so you might as well indulge yourself.

Have a great time and don’t forget that loads of other wonderful Cat authors’ books are also at these smashing prices.

This link should take you to Amazon for your own country. If in doubt, click on the cover photos on the right.


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My blog for all things spiritual. Author, shaman, knitter and motorcycle freak. Have published seven novels with two more in the pipeline pus two non- fiction works to come.
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