#Monogamy Twist – one more day of featuring this week!

For CCHello!

This post is by Nancy Jardine.

#Monogamy Twist has a few more hours in the feature spot on Crooked Cat Books on  Facebook. I’m delighted to see that people have been snapping up my easy-read history mystery at only 99p – maybe you’re looking for a bargain summer read as well! MonogamyTwistNancyJardine x360

I’ve been celebrating on my own blog this week and have written another couple of articles about my contemporary romantic mystery – Monogamy Twist.  You might have missed –Monogamy Twist ‘Soliloquy Style’ and today it’s ‘#ancestry n’ gardens’. Intrigued? Then all you need do is click the link below!

I’ve also been hosting a couple of Crooked Cat authors on my blog, so please hop on over and see who’s been visiting me this week on Monday and Wednesday.

Click the link here to take you to Nancy’s Novels

Happy reading!

About Nancy Jardine

I write historical novels, contemporary history/mysteries, saga, and time-travel novels for readers aged 10 and older.
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