Get thrilled this week!

We have three cracking thrillers for you this week: Catriona King‘s The Carbon Trail; The Prague Papers by Nik Morton and Vengeance Wears Black by Seumas Gallacher!

Lock the doors, sit back and discover the dark side…

The Carbon Trail by Catriona Kingfront2

Join The Carbon Trail in Catriona King’s “must read” thriller, her first foray outside the bestselling DCI Marc Craig thriller series.

Espionage. Murder. Love.
Jeff Mitchell has a headache and he doesn’t know why. But then, he doesn’t know much about his life at all. Only one word means something: carbon. 100% of diamonds and 20% of the human body. What does it have to do with the agents tailing him in New York? Or the threats against his life?
Who is the exotic brunette who would kill to protect him? And the beautiful blonde in his bed?
The Carbon Trail – the mind has no limits.

Grab your copy now: Amazon UK  Amazon US  Smashwords  Kobo  Apple


The Prague Papers by Nik Mortoncover

Return to the Cold War with Tana Standish, the spy in Nik Morton’s “slick intelligent” thriller, The Prague Papers! Take a peek behind the Iron Curtain:

Czechoslovakia, 1975.

Tana is a spy – and she’s psychic. Orphaned in the Warsaw ghetto during the Second World War, she was adopted by a naval officer and his wife. Now she works for the British Secret Intelligence Service. Czechoslovakia’s people are still kicking against the Soviet invasion. Tana is called in to restore morale and repair the underground network. But there’s a traitor at work.

And she learns about a secret Soviet complex in the Sumava Mountains. Unknown to her there’s a top secret establishment in Kazakhstan, where Yakunin, one of their gifted psychics, has detected her presence in Czechoslovakia.

When Tana infiltrates the Sumava complex, she’s captured! A desperate mission is mounted to either get her out or to silence her – before she breaks under interrogation.

The Tana Standish Spy series:
1 – The Prague Papers
2 – The Tehran Text

Find it here: Amazon UK   Amazon US  Smashwords  Kobo  Apple


Vengeance Wears Black by Seumas Gallachercover2

Discover the extremes of international crime in Seumas Gallacher’s “clever and intriguing” novel, Vengeance Wears Black – the 2nd in the popular Jack Calder series. If you love a cracking thriller, this one’s for you:

Jack Calder and his former SAS colleagues at ISP, a specialist security firm, are saved from certain death when an ex-Gurkha is killed smothering a deadly grenade thrown into a lunchtime Chinese restaurant in the West End of London. They learn that murderous turf wars are raging between Asian Triads and Eastern European mobsters vying for control of international fiefdoms of drug smuggling, people trafficking, prostitution and money laundering.

An unexpected visit from the highest levels of international law enforcement offers Jack and the ISP team a means to use their black operations skills to wreak a ruthless retaliation against the drug lords.

Unlikely partners emerge in their onslaught against the gangs as the warring criminal factions threaten an unholy alliance to repel them. The pursuit spins across Europe, Turkey and North Africa before a final reckoning.

A Jack Calder Novel.

The Jack Calder Novel Series:
The Violin Man’s Legacy
Vengeance Wears Black
Savage Payback
Killer City (August 2015)

Try this gripping read now:  Amazon UK  Amazon US  Smashwords  Kobo  Apple


Escape the rain – grab a book! 🙂


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I'm a writer, editor and publisher. I have gained extensive experience in critiquing and editing manuscripts over the last twelve years – including seven years as an independent publisher – and with a number of independent authors.
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  1. Great reviews! All the books sound interesting and full of thrills and intrigue. 🙂 — Suzanne

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