Currently on Crooked Cat Books – three fabulous summer #reads!

This week we show you three wonderful reads full of romance, mystery and adventure over on Crooked Cat Books – perfect for the summer!

Discover what Nice Girls Don’t in Sue Barnard’s romantic mystery; find out what The Friendship Tree by Helen J. Rolfe is all about; and witness Amy & Zach in their ‘will they – won’t they’ scenario in Sarah Louise Smith‘s entertaining chick-lit novel!



Amy & Zach is a 5* romantic chick-lit novel by Sarah Louise Smith.

“mysterious, intriguing and romantic…hard to put down”

Meet Amy & Zach amyandzachfront

Amy has moved to the US in order to find her real father, but she hasn’t quite worked up the courage to do so yet.

Then she met Zach, who swept her off her feet. They fell in love, fast. But Zach has a secret with the potential to ruin everything.

As Amy prepares to return to England for her sister Libby’s wedding, Zach drops a bombshell. Amy is furious, so she hides his passport and flies alone. But Zach’s secret isn’t her only worry. She will see Tim again – her sister’s fiancé.

After he finds his passport, Zach heads to the UK to surprise Amy. He wants to apologise and finally meet her family. He knows he has a lot of explaining to do. But just what will he face?

Amy & Zach take it in turns to share their tale with you. They will reveal all, and may surprise you, in the end…

“I love the way it was written, flitting between Amy’s story and then Zach’s.”

“…some great little surprises and twists. I couldn’t help but smile, laugh and gasp…”

“I couldn’t put this book down.”

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Amy & Zach
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Grab your copy of this exciting read now on Amazon UK, Amazon com or Smashwords!


Helen J. Rolfe‘s The Friendship Tree is about one woman’s escape – but is the past following her?

‘an enjoyable read by a new author. One to watch!’ cover9
Katie Fforde

‘A fantastic sense of place, a traditional romance, contemporary issues and a nice touch of mystery.’ Sue Moorcroft.

Is running away ever the answer?

Tamara Harding left the UK to join family in Australia, but more importantly, to put ten thousand miles between her and her ex, Bradley Cox. She is soon drawn in to the small community of Brewer Creek where she becomes the coordinator for an old fashioned Friendship Tree – a chart telling people who they can call on in times of trouble.

As she vows to start over, she meets Jake Manning – and life gets more complicated than she could ever have imagined. Jake is the direct competitor for the family business, and a man with a dark secret, and Tamara struggles to fight her attraction to him as she deals with secrets of her own and an ex who refuses to give up.

When danger descends on Brewer Creek in the form of Jake’s own past, Tamara soon realises the Friendship Tree does a lot more than organise fundraising events and working bees; it has the power to unite an entire town. But will Tamara see past the complications and allow herself a happy ending with Jake?

Or will she run away again?

The Friendship Tree is a touching and uplifting women’s contemporary romance story from British writer, Helen J. Rolfe.

Discover The Friendship Tree now – on Amazon UK, Amazon com or Smashwords!


Just what is it that Nice Girls Don’t? Grab your copy of Sue Barnard‘s fabulous romantic mystery to find out!

Who knows what secrets lie hidden in your family’s past? front

Southern England, 1982.

At 25, single, and under threat of redundancy from her job in a local library, Emily feels as though her life is going nowhere – until the day when Carl comes into the library asking for books about tracing family history.

Carl is baffled by a mystery about his late grandfather: why is the name by which Carl had always known him different from the name on his old passport?

Fascinated as much by Carl himself as by the puzzle he wants to solve, Emily tries to help him find the answers. As their relationship develops, their quest for the truth takes them along a complicated paper-trail which leads, eventually, to the battlefields of the Great War.

In the meantime, Emily discovers that her own family also has its fair share of secrets and lies. And old sins can still cast long shadows…

Can Emily finally lay the ghosts of the past to rest and look forward to a brighter future?

A tale of discovery, love and fate.

Try this “gently compelling” novel! It’s available on Amazon UK, Amazon com and Smashwords!



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