Lizzie and Katie

Two Cats chatting together .. and a non-Cat serving!

The Bingergread Cottage

Today I welcome another new writer with lovely Crooked Cat who publish me too. Coming in on the magic carpet is Lizzie Koch … Cameron go grab your “French waitress outfit”, you’ll be needed shortly!

Welcome, Lizzie! Now, I know you love cold drinks as you don’t drink tea or coffee and you’re partial to chocolate cake so while Cam puts on his pinny and goes to get those, you sit here and tell me about your work. Lily will keep you company but if you don’t like dogs just ask her to go away. She’s very obliging like that.

Although I’m a cat person, I don’t mind dogs now. All my friends seem to have them so I’ve got used to them sniffing around me. They seem to like me! She’s rather cute . . . sorry, if it’s cute and fluffy, I can’t help but fuss.

No, she…

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My blog for all things spiritual. Author, shaman, knitter and motorcycle freak. Have published seven novels with two more in the pipeline pus two non- fiction works to come.
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