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It’s contemporary fiction week from Friday, 15th to Thursday, 21st May, over at Crooked Cat Books! We have three exciting novels to share, all set in wonderful locations!

Jane Bwye‘s adventure, Breath of Africa, is set in Kenya; Jeff Gardiner‘s gripping novel, Igboland, in West Africa and Yvonne Marjot‘s mystery, The Calgary Chessman, on the windswept Scottish island of Mull! Discover breathtaking sceneries in gripping stories!


Here they are in more detail:

A woman’s adventure following a mysterious discovery in the sands on the isle of Mull in front3The Calgary Chessman by Yvonne Marjot is busy climbing the Amazon charts. 

On a windswept beach on the Isle of Mull, Cas Longmore is walking away loneliness when she unearths a mystery in the sand. To Cas, torn between Scotland and her New Zealand home, the object seems as odd and out-of-place as herself. Intrigued, she begins to search for its origins, thinking it will bring a brief respite from isolation. Instead, the Calgary chess piece opens the door to friendships and new hope. Her son, meanwhile, brings home his own revelation to shake her world.

Grab your copy now on Amazon UK, Amazon com or Smashwords


Danger lurks beneath the surface in Jane Bwye‘s gripping saga, Breath of Africa, frontwhich is at this moment at #31 in the Historical Fiction -> African Amazon charts. 

Thirty years of Kenya’s recent history unfold through the lives of Caroline, a privileged woman from the fertile highlands, and Charles Ondiek, a farm labourer with dreams of an Oxford education.

Charles’s love for Teresa, daughter of a hated settler farmer, leads to a drama of psychological terror fuelled by Mau Mau oath administrator, Mwangi, who is held in detention for six years.

On his release, Mwangi forces Charles and Teresa apart, then turns his attention to Caroline. But she has inner resources, and joins with Charles to seek out a mysterious ancestral cave.

 Against the backdrop of Kenya’s beautiful but hostile desert, the curse is finally broken.

But when Caroline discovers the hidden reason for Mwangi’s hatred, she wonders if she’ll ever, really, belong in the country she loves.

Get carried away to Kenya now on Amazon UK, Amazon com and Smashwords!


Discover conflict, passion and love in West Africa in Jeff Gardiner‘s brilliant Igboland.


Lydia and Clem Davie arrive in an Igbo village in Nigeria in July 1967 just as civil war breaks out, but Lydia has trouble adjusting to life in West Africa: a place so unfamiliar and far away from everything she truly understands.

Initially, most of the locals are welcoming and friendly, until one or two begin a frightening campaign of anti-white protests. Lydia’s life is changed irrevocably after she meets enigmatic Igbo doctor, Kwemto, and war victim, Grace. Through them Lydia learns about independence, passion and personal identity. Conflict and romance create emotional highs and lows for Lydia, whose marriage and personal beliefs slowly begin to crumble.

Will this house in a Nigerian bush village ever seem like home?

Find this “fascinating” 5* read on Amazon UK (where it currently sits at #23 Historical Fiction -> African), Amazon com and Smashwords!


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