It’s Thriller week at Crooked Cat Books

You could say it’s a killer week, with three fast-paced, yet very different killers showcased on our new Crooked Cat Books Facebook page! Nip over now and read excerpts, chat with the authors and find yourself a new addiction or three…


Here is the unholy trio:

Meet The Handshaker in David Robinson‘s dark, gripping novel. 

The Handshaker: to take his hand is to invite death.Handshaker

In the darkest corners of hypnotic trance, who is in control? The Handshaker has put eight women to death. When another woman commits suicide, hypnotist Felix Croft believes he has the answer. Then The Handshaker takes Croft’s girlfriend.

The game changes.

A puppet dancing to the killer’s tune, Croft is first the hunter. In a dramatic turn of events, he becomes the hunted, running from the law, desperate to find the madman before he can kill again, and brought face to face with his own mortality in a nerve-jangling finale.

Buy now on Amazon UK or Amazon com!


Tackle international organised crime with Jack Calder, the ex-SAS hero in Seumas Gallacher‘s adventure, The Violin Man’s Legacy. A must-read for lovers of spy thrillers.

Jack Calder is an ex-SAS soldier working with former colleagues at ISP, a specialist cover1security firm. He is sent to investigate a murderous diamond heist in the Netherlands, but swiftly learns that there is a very strong Far East connection. He then travels to Hong Kong where he meets the glamorous chief of ISP’s local bureau, May-Ling.

Together they begin to unravel a complex web of corruption. The twin spiders at the centre of this web are the Chan brothers, leaders of one of Hong Kong’s most ruthless and powerful triad gangs.

The trail of death and mayhem coils across Europe, Hong Kong and South America until all the scores are settled.

A Jack Calder Novel. #1 in the series.

Grab your copy on Amazon UK or Amazon com now!


Escape the horror unleashed by a new anti-depressant in Vanessa Knipe‘s timely Pill Wars! The pace will leave you breathless – but at least it won’t turn you into one of those monsters!

Happiness in a Pillpillwars

The government has rushed through drug trials to release Pacifex, a powerful anti-depressant. Inventor Torin Oakwood is a hero: he makes people happy!

Jessica Fleming is thrilled to start her new job at Oakwood Industries. Yet, as she arrives, Torin Oakwood flees from the army sent to arrest him.

In the ensuing chaos, Jessica is left in possession of a file that exposes a cover-up in the drug trials. And it turns out, her boyfriend is one of the many Pacifex addicts in danger of turning into a mindless, raving monster.

Chased by the army, government agents and anti-government activists who all want the file, she must find Oakwood and force him to produce an antidote.

Can her first day at work get any worse?

Buy your copy now on Amazon UK or Amazon com


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I'm a writer, editor and publisher. I have gained extensive experience in critiquing and editing manuscripts over the last ten years, with an independent publisher, and with a number of independent authors.
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  1. yvonnemarjot says:

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    Some great reads here – three very different thrillers.

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    Brilliant books – I’ve read two of them, and one is on my to-buy list!

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