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There was a lot of chat on FB over the past few days about this article  about ex-pat Brits in Spain.

This has prompted me to reveal a teaser from my memoirs “Knitting With Eels” about my life in France over the past 25 years.

Although I have met many Brits over here who integrate, learn the language and are perfectly civilized, there is a hard-core of ex-Empire mentality ones who seem to think they are doing the natives a favour just by gracing them with their presence.

In desperation, when in Brittany, I invited some of the female members of this “rather die than learn French” group over to my house for regular coffee mornings, during which I tried to teach them what I call “first aid French”. This involved useful things like phoning a doctor or garage, exchanging the small pleasantries with neighbours that get one accepted in…

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