I’m a Serial Killer

Having a chat with Jane Bwye

Jane Bwye

Please welcome my very distinguished guest this week. I am proud to host Frances di Plino once again. Frances is one of my favourite crime/thriller authors, and a lady of many talents, whose words of wisdom are worth digesting.

Lorraine Mace, Frances di Plino

As a creative writing tutor, I receive many emails asking how to structure a series. This is partly because under my pen name I am the author of four D.I. Paolo Storey novels. You would think (as do the senders of emails asking for my help) that I would be able to answer in a trice – oh, yes, simply do this or that and you have the set up for the next ten books.

Paolo four cropped

If only life were that simple! You see, I never intended to write a series when I penned Bad Moon Rising. In my mind, it was a standalone crime/thriller with a deep psychological thread running…

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