A Gathering of Cats

A cat takes its time. So does the Crooked One, in reporting about a wonderful day spent in the lovely company of fellow Cats. Apologies. The summer was too hot, and the Cat needed some extra snoozes in the sunshine…

Back in the early balmy summer days of 2013, on Sunday 16th June, to be precise, a group of  Cats gathered in Edinburgh for the first official Crooked Cat authors’ get-together.

It began in the afternoon, with a few kitties enjoying a leisurely drink at The Albanach bar on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile. Still wrapped in coats, but enjoying some sunshine, authors Mark Patton, Nancy Jardine, Cathie Dunn and Michela O’Brien (accompanied by her  son Jonathan) met with Top Cat, Laurence. The first of many animated discussions ensued, particularly about reading, libraries and education. All good-natured banter, of course.


Later, we converged to The Living Room on George Street. A slick bar/restaurant, we had a hidden corner to ourselves. We could venture out from the ‘den’ to collect more cocktails, which some Cats seemed to be partial to. Joining the party there were Ailsa Abraham and her indomitable aunt, Pamela Kelt, Gill James, Jane Bwye and friend and Kim Walker with her husband. Sadly, author Anthony Price missed the gathering – as did the other Cats who were unable to make it.


The food at The Living Room was experimental and delicious, although the portions seemed on the small side for some hungry Cats!


The evening was a great success, with much chatting, catching up, discovering and discussing going on. A range of cocktails, plus a good few bottles of vino were consumed, and the Cats – being creatures of the night – ended up being the last ones in the bar. In fact, I’m sure I saw staff stifling a yawn, wiping previously wiped surfaces and repeatedly (if surreptitiously) glancing at their watches. 😉 We really couldn’t complain.

It was wonderful bringing some Cats together, who now no longer are mere ‘virtual’ friends. A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who made it to Edinburgh and helped make this gathering such a friendly, wonderful experience. As for those Cats who were unable to make it, you were sorely missed.


About Stephanie Patterson

I'm a writer, editor and publisher. I have gained extensive experience in critiquing and editing manuscripts over the last twelve years – including seven years as an independent publisher – and with a number of independent authors.
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