Ask any author their favourite part of the job, you will get broadly the same answer – writing! Rephrase it to “so your least favourite?” and the answer will be self-promotion. We all know that this is part and parcel of the deal these days whether self-published or with a publisher but it is still toe-curlingly painful for some of us.

This may explain why I am actually rather relieved to have not gone through to the finals of the People’s Book Choice Award. The fine line I had to tread between getting my message out and pissing people off was getting to be a strain. I’m delighted for Crooked Cat that another of their authors has gone through and more are in the running for this round but it does mean that I can get on with what I like doing best – writing! Hoorah!

While I’ve learned some great new skills like video production and become a bit of a little geek as opposed to Techno-twerp, it is going to be nice to use the blog to share more interesting bits of life, while still sliding in the odd mention of Shaman’s Drum and the work in progress, its prequel.

So big thanks to everyone who voted for me and to all of you who refrained from shouting rude words at me for being pushy. I appreciate it very much. Excuse me, I have to go now. I have some actual writing to do.

Love mug

About ailsaabraham

Author of "Shaman's Drum", a story of forbidden love between opposing pagan faiths. Iamo and Riga must undertake a task in order to be together. Renegade priestesses, demons and a traitor-monk are ranged against them. If they don't succeed they will die or face eternal disempowerment. They have everything to fight for. Published by Crooked Cat Books.
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  1. sarahe46 says:

    You are so right! xxx

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