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Another 5* review of Shaman’s Drum
5.0 out of 5 stars Shaman’s Drum, 19 Aug 2013
Cait O’Sullivan – See all my reviews
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This review is from: Shaman’s Drum (Paperback)
This book had me entranced from the moment I opened it, and held me in a spell until, well, just now. I love fantasy in any form, but this was a new theme for me, one which I couldn’t get enough of. Riga, the gutsy Black Shaman, made me immediately want to be here, smells and everything whilst the beautiful Iamo made me yearn for a White Priest of my own . What I particularly loved was that woven throughout the fantastical elements of Shaman’s Drum were lovely little everyday thoughts about magic and the use of, thoughts that I will try to incorporate. I didn’t expect that. Ms Abraham’s voice is down-to-earth, light and easy to read, no mean feat when taking into account the subject matter, such as slaying demons. I have to admit to having a desire to become a Hedgie too , I did love them. Heck, if I can’t be a Black Shaman, why not Hedgie!! Lucky those of you who have yet to read it and I am looking forward to reading more about Riga and Iamo’s adventures.

About ailsaabraham

Author of "Shaman's Drum", a story of forbidden love between opposing pagan faiths. Iamo and Riga must undertake a task in order to be together. Renegade priestesses, demons and a traitor-monk are ranged against them. If they don't succeed they will die or face eternal disempowerment. They have everything to fight for. Published by Crooked Cat Books.
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