Can I Tempt You?

Can I tempt you to…..? EXPECTED – new in women’s fiction/comedy – with Crooked Cat !! I often find I’m playing a guessing game when choosing a book – ok so there is the cover and a few lines of blurb, and you can read the first chapter on Amazon – but unless it is personally recommended, you still don’t really know if you’re going to like it.. So I thought I’d tell you a bit more about Expected – because although comedy is the medium, there are some serious messages in here. Well see what you think! Here’s what it’s all about…

Sam Sweet is a failed psychiatric nurse from a sink estate in Weston Super mare. Her mother, whose husband ran off with another woman 20 years ago – although you’d think it happened only yesterday – has only one ambition and that is to be a grandmother.
But Sam is terrified of giving birth. She is easily traumatised and has no ambition to return to the sink estate and have dozens of children. She just wants a chance to do something with her life first, to fall in love, and see a bit of the world.
Alas, in a drunken stupor she meets Simon – the psychopathic surgeon, who promises her a wonderful life and she believes him – because she is a dingbat and has a lot to learn.
But now she’s trapped and can’t get out of the situation – her latest job is injecting facial fillers and clients are suing because it’s going lumpy; and her best friend, also her boss, is sexually jealous to the point of blind rage because her boyfriend fancies Sam and does little to hide the fact. Living with her psychopathic boyfriend and with her job on the line she now has nowhere to go! A plan is needed.
However, Sam’s coping strategy as her life whizzes out of control, is to eat more chocolate and shop like a WAG on speed. But soon she piles on weight and sinks deeply into debt, at which point Simon the surgeon starts playing serious mind games; and by the time it dawns on Sam just what a horrific mess she’s in – we might as well pass her the JCB because she keeps on digging.
As she hits rock bottom, however, her dream man arrives – Joel – WOWEE – Madison! – but Sam now feels too fat to pursue matters…. and slimy Simon ups the stakes when he sniffs out her potential happiness and escape. Although that’s nothing compared to the cards her mother decides to play… oh it’s getting worse…….the wedding to Simon is booked….fireworks? You bet….   if you’re tempted…

About sarahe46

I'm a fiction writer based in Cheshire. Originally qualifying as a nurse in Sheffield, I then worked as a medical rep, specialising in psychiatry. To date I have over 160 short stories and 3 serials published in magazines and newspapers, and 3 books. All 3 of my books are now published with EchoWords and my latest is supernatural horror, 'Father of Lies', which has just been released on amazon in digital and paperback form.
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