Fiction Hotel is now open for business!

Sarah England’s Fiction Hotel is now open for business!  This is a new concept to help all authors showcase their work – famous writers, new writers, new books, writing courses – all welcome to check in to the rather unusual Fiction Hotel!

Crime writers may be interviewed in unlucky Room 13! Ghostly tales will be told in the Haunted Hallway; and romantic souls will entertain us in the Honeymoon Suite… Already we have 3 Crooked Cat authors in THE GRILL – Shaman, Ailsa Abraham; ex-actress and prolific story teller, Maggie Reid; and Australian tarot reader, Helen Howell.

Today we meet our first guest to grace the Honeymoon suite – Zanna Mackenzie with her romantic comedy, ‘How Do You Spell Love?’ and ooh – there is so much to come I can’t tell you…..lots of really interesting writers checking in soon…. so why not visit the hotel library where all our books will be kept? And then relax in the spa,  or order a bottle of red in the basement bar – hope to see you soon!



About sarahe46

I'm a fiction writer based in Cheshire. Originally qualifying as a nurse in Sheffield, I then worked as a medical rep, specialising in psychiatry. To date I have over 160 short stories and 3 serials published in magazines and newspapers, and 3 books. All 3 of my books are now published with EchoWords and my latest is supernatural horror, 'Father of Lies', which has just been released on amazon in digital and paperback form.
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