Hello cats and kittens

Hello, I’m a new kitty recently signed to Crooked Cat Books πŸ™‚

I don’t have a release date yet, and have to sort out the book cover etc, but it’s all exciting stuff.

Look forward to chatting to other cats and kittens when we work out how to use this site! Ha ha.

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4 Responses to Hello cats and kittens

  1. sarahe46 says:

    Hello Tina – good to see you in the cradle. Sarah x

  2. Hi Tina – lovely to have you in the litter! Come play with my ball of wool!

  3. Thanks you two *Λšβ˜… 。* 。*γ€‚β˜† *Λšβ˜… 。* 。*γ€‚β˜† *Λšβ˜… 。* 。*γ€‚β˜†

  4. jbwye says:

    Welcome Tina!

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