More winter 2013 releases!

Banish the winter blues with more exciting stories!

February / March 2013 Releases

Discover romantic spells, revealing Tarot cards, canine adventures, political uproar, chilling secrets and chocolatey murders…

Contemporary Fiction / Black Comedy

A Guide to Becoming Distinctly AverageAGuideToBecomingDistinctlyAverage

Amy Elliott-Smith

Dogs, depression and life…

Crooked Cat Books   Amazon UK   Amazon US

Romantic Fiction


How do you Spell Love?

Love, life and unexpected developments. Make a wish!Zanna MacKenzie

Crooked Cat Books   Amazon UK   Amazon US

Drama / Contemporary Fiction


Breath of Africa

J.L. Bwye

Join Charles and Caroline as their lives unfold in Kenya over 30 years. Forbidden relationships, suspicious deaths and a curse that can’t be broken. Or can it?

Crooked Cat Books   Amazon UK   Amazon US

 Thriller Chiller


I know You Know

Helen A Howell

The cards don’t lie. Janice knows the man sitting opposite her is a serial killer. Does he know she knows?

Crooked Cat Books   Amazon UK   Amazon US

 Mystery & Crime


My Deadly Valentine

David W Robinson

Romance is dead. At Valentine’s, it’s business as usual for amateur sleuth Joe Murray and the STAC team, as a murderer leaves him with no time for romantic shenanigans. 

Crooked Cat Books   Amazon UK   Amazon US



The Chocolate Egg Murders

David W Robinson

 A chocolate egg hunt reveals a grisly find. Joe and the STAC team are not searching for bunnies!

Crooked Cat Books   Amazon UK   Amazon US



The Visitor

Catriona King

Caring people with uncaring intentions. D.C.I. Marc Craig is on the trail of a psychotic killer who targets the most vulnerable.

Crooked Cat Books   Amazon UK   Amazon US

All our titles are available in a range of electronic formats and in print on demand paperback (Amazon).

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About Stephanie Patterson

I'm a writer, editor and publisher. I have gained extensive experience in critiquing and editing manuscripts over the last twelve years – including seven years as an independent publisher – and with a number of independent authors.
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