TOPAZ EYES launch tour!

This post is by Nancy Jardine.

Topaz Eyes final ebook coverTOPAZ EYES, my ancestral mystery, was well and truly launched on the 7th December, but the promotional tour goes on for a few more days.  If you weren’t one of my lucky winners of an e-copy of TOPAZ EYES at the Facebook launch day, there are still opportunities in the coming days.

How can you still win an e-copy of TOPAZ EYES?

Pop into the places I’ll be visiting and leave a comment to be entered into the draw at those tour stops offering a *giveaway* – at the same time reading about some aspect of the book. (One e-copy available – where offered)

All the posts during the tour are centered around gemstones, locations mentioned, or other particulars of writing the novel that I hope will be of interest, even if no prize is offered!

At the end of my tour I’ll also be selecting a special winner –  the prize an e-copy of one of my other novels. The more times you visit and comment, the better your chance is for that special prize.

TOPAZ EYES is available in e-book and print from

Nancy Jardine’s amazon author page for all novels:

Here’s where I’ll be during the coming days. Good luck!

7th:   TOPAZ is my topic at Zanna MacKenzie’s blog. Strangely enough, not the main jewellery in Topaz Eyes 

8th:  EDINBURGH is the feature as I visit Cherley Grogg’s blog.  *GIVEAWAY*

9th:  EMERALDS are my focus at Alethea William’s blog. Find out why they feature in Topaz Eyes. *GIVEAWAY*

10th:  I’m at home today. Check my special Topaz Eyes page to see what’s on offer today.

11th:   I’m visitingTessa Berkely where there’s a  CHARACTER INTERVIEW of Teun Zeger from Topaz Eyes.

12th:   We’re off to visit AMSTERDAM today as I visit Vonnie Davis. *GIVEAWAY*

13th:   The fantastic city of VIENNA is the hot topic today at A.J. Nuest’s blog. *GIVEAWAY*

14th:  Phew! I’m at home, again. Check that special Topaz Eyes page on my blog to see what the topic of the day is.

15th: Check my special Topaz Eyes page for a fantastic look at how DUTCH/FLEMISH PAINTINGS  feature in the novel.

16th:   At Cathie Dunn’s place where the post is all about what you might eat and drink at those fantastic LOCATIONS  in Topaz Eyes.

17th:  I’m at Cera Dubois talking about CHOOSING NAMES for Topaz Eyes.

I hope you can manage to visit.

Bye for now!






About Nancy Jardine

I write historical novels, contemporary history/mysteries, saga, and time-travel novels for readers aged 10 and older.
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1 Response to TOPAZ EYES launch tour!

  1. Cathie Dunn says:

    Hope you’re having a fab time during your launch tour. Good luck with Topaz Eyes! 🙂

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