Monet’s Garden at Giverny

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Monet's house at Giverny

Monet’s house at Giverny

Most people have heard of Claude Monet (1840-1926), one of the founders of French Impressionist painting. Many people know about and/or have visited his house at Giverny in Normandy, where he landscaped the gardens and developed the lily ponds that he immortalised in many of his paintings. We made our first visit at the end of September, on our way up to the UK.

As always, our journey was not without incident. Our GPS consistently tried to take us into central Paris. We resisted, even though this involved taking a motorway that went through a 14 km long tunnel (which did nothing for my claustrophobia) and turning left serially in Nanterre, where we realised we were going around in circles. Once on the correct route we were able to relax somewhat, but it meant we arrived at Giverny rather later than planned.

We had booked into…

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Parisot Literary Festival 2014: how did it go?

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Autumn view of Parisot

Autumn view of Parisot

This poor old blog has been a bit neglected of late, but that’s because so much has been going on that it’s been hard to get to it. One of the local events that has taken up some of my attention recently was the Parisot Literary Festival, which took place last weekend. My impression is that it was a great success.

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Crooked Cats’ Tales

If you enjoy short stories, this one’s for you! 

As the dark season closes in, and you’d like to catch half an hour of reading here and there, what better than to dive in and out of (and back into) Crooked Cats’ Tales!

In this ebook (available in a range of formats), you will find twenty tantalising tasters from Crooked Cats from the UK and the US, all keen to showcase their writing skills with glimpses into their existing releases, or with something new altogether.

Twenty stories of historical and contemporary fiction, crime and drama, fantasy, humour and ghostly shenanigans. Murder. Love. Adventure. Gossip. Growing up. Scheming. Friendship – Crooked Cats’ Tales has it all!

And it’s FREE on Smashwords and only 77p/99c on Amazon UK or .com! :-)


Crooked Cat authors and their contributions:

Cocktail Hour by Pamela Kelt
A Rescue in Graphite by Maggie Secara talescover
Once Again by KB Walker
The Pied Piper of Larus by Kathy Sharp
Her Visitors by Ailsa Abraham
White Rose by Carol Hedges
A Bright New Copper by Catriona King
Altared by Adele Elliott
Misgivings by Nancy Jardine
Saturday Fever by Sue Barnard
The Wanderer by T.E. Taylor
Sheffield Steel by Trevor Ripley
The Blue House by Carol Maginn
Processionary Penitents by Nik Morton
The Second Summer of Love by Michela O’Brien Young Loves by Jeff Gardiner
Cradle of Man by J.L. Bwye
Silken Knots by Frances di Plino
The Thread that Binds by Mark Patton
Boo! by David W Robinson

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A crannog?

For CCThis post is by Nancy Jardine.

It’s also a sort of a cheat because I’m doing a ‘reblog’ of the post on my own blog today.(Nancy’s Novels)

If you’ve never heard of a crannog, then you’re in for a treat- historically speaking. There’s an explanation of why this crannog sparked my imagination when writing my Crooked Cat novel  – The Beltane Choice – Book 1 of my Celtic Fervour Series. Image1

For more information on this fabulous structure click HERE.

I do have another reason for posting here and that is because The Beltane Choice has its 2nd anniversary tomorrow- 31st August. To celebrate I’m offering 2 chances to win an ecopy of my novel if you haven’t yet read it!

Pop into my blog tomorrow ( 31st August 2014) to find out how that could be YOU!

You can also by all three novels for less than £6 at the Crooked Cat Bookstore.

Enjoy your weekend reading!

Celtic Fervour Series

Celtic Fervour Series

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Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 update

For CCThis post is by Nancy Jardine.

On Saturday 23rd August, 2014, I made a day trip to Edinburgh from my home in Aberdeenshire. I always love visiting Edinburgh but this time I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to go to the Edinburgh International Book Festival for two reasons- 1. I’ve never been before 2. The Beltane Choice, Bk 1 of my Celtic Fervour Series, was on the Crooked Cat shelves in the Festival Bookstore.

When I got off the coach, I found the streets of the city thronging with people. Some were Saturday shoppers, some were local festival goers and others general tourists to the city. Wending my way to Charlotte Square Gardens was a pleasure. The day was mostly lovely (ie it didn’t rain too much) and the crowds were in happy mode.

Dscn5588The Book Festival tented accommodation was heaving with people queing to go to ticketed events. Others were picknicking on the interior grassy area and some were in the bookstore. I had expected a lot more people to be browsing the books, it being a book festival, but that wasn’t actually what was happening. Though the sales desks had small queues, there were many more browsers taking notes of books with pen and paper and some adding details to their phones. That would hopefully have transferred to sales, somewhere, since the bookshop was only selling print books and not ebooks.

Dscn5591I loved that the Book Festival was so busy on Saturday, though I’m led to believe it wasn’t so busy on the weekdays. There were, of course, many events happening in the city which were all competing for drawing in traffic since there were still festival shows ongoing – rivalry for attention is so fierce.

What was the highlight of my day?

Laurence and Steph Patteson kneeling below 20 Crooked Cat titles!

Laurence and Steph Patteson kneeling below 20 Crooked Cat titles!

That would have to be Laurence and Steph Patterson of Crooked Cat asking me to sign three of The Beltane Choice copies that graced the shelves. After I signed them (whoopee!), they were placed on the ‘Author Signed’ designated shelves. Wow! That was such an honour.

Steph as Cathie Dunn; Nancy Jardine; Emma Mooney; Carol Anne Hunter.

Steph as Cathie Dunn; Nancy Jardine; Emma Mooney; Carol Anne Hunter.

After a fabulous lunch with Steph, Laurence and other Crooked Cat authors, I nipped back for a short while to browse the Book Festival events. When it was time to leave to catch my coach back to Aberdeen I couldn’t resist looking at my signed copies on the ‘Author signed’ shelves. To my horror they weren’t where we’d placed them. I searched all around the area and could see no sign of them. Checking the time, I realised I couldn’t wait for the small queue to diminish in order to speak to someone at the till to verify that they’d been sold. My bus awaited me, so I’ll just have to wonder till Laurence gives us an update on who sold what.

It was a fantastic day out!


Celtic Fervour Series

Celtic Fervour Series

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