A crannog?

For CCThis post is by Nancy Jardine.

It’s also a sort of a cheat because I’m doing a ‘reblog’ of the post on my own blog today.(Nancy’s Novels)

If you’ve never heard of a crannog, then you’re in for a treat- historically speaking. There’s an explanation of why this crannog sparked my imagination when writing my Crooked Cat novel  – The Beltane Choice – Book 1 of my Celtic Fervour Series. Image1

For more information on this fabulous structure click HERE.

I do have another reason for posting here and that is because The Beltane Choice has its 2nd anniversary tomorrow- 31st August. To celebrate I’m offering 2 chances to win an ecopy of my novel if you haven’t yet read it!

Pop into my blog tomorrow ( 31st August 2014) to find out how that could be YOU!

You can also by all three novels for less than £6 at the Crooked Cat Bookstore.

Enjoy your weekend reading!

Celtic Fervour Series

Celtic Fervour Series

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Edinburgh International Book Festival 2014 update

For CCThis post is by Nancy Jardine.

On Saturday 23rd August, 2014, I made a day trip to Edinburgh from my home in Aberdeenshire. I always love visiting Edinburgh but this time I had an ulterior motive. I wanted to go to the Edinburgh International Book Festival for two reasons- 1. I’ve never been before 2. The Beltane Choice, Bk 1 of my Celtic Fervour Series, was on the Crooked Cat shelves in the Festival Bookstore.

When I got off the coach, I found the streets of the city thronging with people. Some were Saturday shoppers, some were local festival goers and others general tourists to the city. Wending my way to Charlotte Square Gardens was a pleasure. The day was mostly lovely (ie it didn’t rain too much) and the crowds were in happy mode.

Dscn5588The Book Festival tented accommodation was heaving with people queing to go to ticketed events. Others were picknicking on the interior grassy area and some were in the bookstore. I had expected a lot more people to be browsing the books, it being a book festival, but that wasn’t actually what was happening. Though the sales desks had small queues, there were many more browsers taking notes of books with pen and paper and some adding details to their phones. That would hopefully have transferred to sales, somewhere, since the bookshop was only selling print books and not ebooks.

Dscn5591I loved that the Book Festival was so busy on Saturday, though I’m led to believe it wasn’t so busy on the weekdays. There were, of course, many events happening in the city which were all competing for drawing in traffic since there were still festival shows ongoing – rivalry for attention is so fierce.

What was the highlight of my day?

Laurence and Steph Patteson kneeling below 20 Crooked Cat titles!

Laurence and Steph Patteson kneeling below 20 Crooked Cat titles!

That would have to be Laurence and Steph Patterson of Crooked Cat asking me to sign three of The Beltane Choice copies that graced the shelves. After I signed them (whoopee!), they were placed on the ‘Author Signed’ designated shelves. Wow! That was such an honour.

Steph as Cathie Dunn; Nancy Jardine; Emma Mooney; Carol Anne Hunter.

Steph as Cathie Dunn; Nancy Jardine; Emma Mooney; Carol Anne Hunter.

After a fabulous lunch with Steph, Laurence and other Crooked Cat authors, I nipped back for a short while to browse the Book Festival events. When it was time to leave to catch my coach back to Aberdeen I couldn’t resist looking at my signed copies on the ‘Author signed’ shelves. To my horror they weren’t where we’d placed them. I searched all around the area and could see no sign of them. Checking the time, I realised I couldn’t wait for the small queue to diminish in order to speak to someone at the till to verify that they’d been sold. My bus awaited me, so I’ll just have to wonder till Laurence gives us an update on who sold what.

It was a fantastic day out!


Celtic Fervour Series

Celtic Fervour Series

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Bad Moon Rising by Frances di Plino. Read August 2014.

Frances di Plino:

Excellent review of Bad Moon Rising on Crime Reader

Originally posted on Crime Reader:

A dark psychological thriller, this is the first book featuring DI Paolo Storey.
“Brought up believing sex is the devil’s work, a killer only finds release once he has saved his victims’ souls. Abiding by his vision, he marks them as his. A gift to guide his chosen ones on the rightful path to redemption. Detective Inspector Paolo Storey is out to stop him, but Paolo has problems of his own. Hunting down the killer as the death toll rises, the lines soon blur between Paolo’s personal and professional lives.”
Frances di Plino has written a tense, gripping story with a clever plot and characters that you can’t help but care about. The main character, Paolo, has an awful lot going on – as well as being in charge of a baffling murder case his personal life has gone into free fall. In fact, as the story progressed I found…

View original 128 more words

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Crooked Cat at Edinburgh Bookfest 2014

Are you in Edinburgh? Are you planning to visit the Edinburgh Book Festival?

If you’re not, you should! The Cat is there! :-)

In the bookstore at the Bookfest, you will find three shelves with a selection of popular and best-selling Crooked Cat books! Romantic and historical fiction, crime novels and thrillers. Take your pick!


We also have a shelf with exciting books for kids and young adults. Adventures await.


Please let us know what you think. And if you can’t make it this year, why not spread the word!?

The Cats would be a very grateful bunch…

Happy reading!

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Don’t miss the summer sale!

Now on, the Crooked Cat Summer Sale!

It’s that time of the year again, when readers fill up their Kindles with their favourite holiday reads. Whether you’re off to the beach, a posh resort, a nature park or a city break, you’ll always find a quiet hour to read…

If you’re after cosy crime or a gripping thriller, a romantic chick lit or historical adventure, a fantasy story or adventures for your kids – we’re sure you’ll find something.

Just click on the Amazon links to browse our great selection:

Amazon UK    Amazon.com

Most of our titles are only 77p / 99c!

Saturday 21st – Friday 27th June 2014

Grab your fabulous summer read now!


Summer Sale

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